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Why is Instagram Lowering my Photo Quality?

why is instagram lowering my photo quality

If you are an active Instagram user, you will be well aware of the value of the photos you post in this forum. But many users complain that the iPhone automatically reduces the quality of their photos when uploading them. The iPhone camera is excellent. And if you take a picture with an iPhone camera and upload it to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, quality remains the same. But Instagram’s low quality photo quality seems to be a problem for iPhones because photo size and quality are reduced by the device to make better use of storage. There are several ways to fix reduced image quality in iPhone problem.

Adjust Instagram Keeps Reduced Photo Quality on iPhone

why is instagram lowering my photo quality

1- Go to settings and navigate to the top of the photos and camera settings. Make sure the option entitled “Configure iPhone Storage” has not been tested. Once this option is checked, your iPhone will upload low quality photos to Instagram. For some users, this option will not be visible without the Cloud Photo Library.

2- In 2015, Instagram announced the release of a special algorithm for capturing images of 1080 × 1080. The company said high-resolution pixel images will retain their quality, and the file size will remain the same. But many experiments have shown that Instagram assigns more file size to photos after the update. It is not possible to create a balance between quality and file size.

3- If you are posting your photos from DSLR and want to upload them to Instagram while maintaining their original quality, you will have to edit your Instagram photos. Make sure your photo does not exceed 1080 pixels because that is the highest resolution approved by Instagram. Any image bigger than this can be corrupted by Instagram algorithms. You can edit your photos and resize them to 1080p using any photo editor like Photoshop or GIMP.

4- To stop Instagram from making your photo quality poorer and lower image quality, always transfer your photos from your camera or computer via Google Drive, or via email or USB devices. Never use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, as these apps compress images before sending them.

5- If nothing works for you, and Instagram still reduces the quality of your photos, you should upload photos to Instagram from the web. Instagram maintains complete quality of photos when you upload them from your web. You can use the Android emulator to run Instagram from your computer. Explain to me how to use Instagram from your computer in this detailed guide.

This is a way to fix low quality photos on Instagram. If your iPhone still reduces the quality of your photos when you post them on Instagram, tell us in the comments.



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