Why Instagram is Bad for Relationships? Detailed Guide!

why instagram is bad for relationships

I deleted Instagram…

From my phone.

My account is still active, but I will no longer spend hours on this platform scrolling, watching news, and navigating.

Why? Because it damaged my relationship. Not because it was hard for me to see the beautiful photos posted by my friends. Not because it shows nothing but prominence from everyone’s life.

I deleted it because it damaged my relationship.

Let me change that sentence above. I was ruining my relationship with my use of Instagram.

Let me explain.

I love that quote from Ben Franklin. No matter what you think of yourself, you are far from perfect. You have some weaknesses in things. Maybe alcohol. Maybe it’s women. Maybe gambling. Maybe it’s something “small” like playing video games.

The best thing you can do when you are weak is not to damage it – because that is almost impossible – to get rid of it.

Ben said if your head is sticky, don’t walk in the sun. He did not say “get a head transplant.”

My weakness is Instagram. My weakness is visible. I’m not afraid to admit that because I’m convinced that most men and women go through the same experience.

I’m ashamed to admit it.

Instagram, I found it, has an amazing ability to deliver what you want. If you watch someone’s story at once, chances are you’ll see their story first when you open your app next time.

Imagine going to a place that has always given you what you wanted – even things that aren’t right for you. Imagine that you are an alcoholic, you walk into a bar, and as soon as you sit down, you will see your favorite drink on the table.

They know it’s your favorite. Their job is to keep you there to make more money.

Sounds like a twisted hell, doesn’t it?

Icon. Instagram, for me, was just beginning to be the same thing.

I stared at the girls a lot unknowingly. I was following the wrong people. Then on my “Discover” panel he gave me better people. I didn’t notice it. I don’t care who you are or what kind of solution you have – if you keep playing with your love and weakness for many hours each day you will break.

Instagram was breaking me up.

It was so much better to fill me with bullshit. I have not even seen my family and he is the one I want to see first on social media.

Not Instagram’s Error

I don’t really want to blame Instagram, though. It exacerbated the problem that I already had. If I followed the cooking accounts, it would give me more cooking accounts. How could that be a bad thing?

It Affected My Relationship

This is hard for me to talk about because my girlfriend might be reading this right now, but I should write it down if she could help someone else.

My relationship was affected by my appearance.

Many people say just because you are on a diet does not mean you cannot look at dessert. What a horrible saying. No matter who you are, if you eat food and watch the dessert for many hours every day, you will donate some time.

I started to get very far. I started not doing the things that I used to do. I started comparing and lost my appreciation. My girlfriend is beautiful. I don’t really understand why I did any of that.

It was the first time she had touched him, either. He began to feel that he was not good enough. That’s the worst part, to me.

It came to a crescendo a few days ago, and I realized I needed to delete the app permanently. I saw what happened in an instant. I needed to clear one of the biggest ways anyone could contact me. My business marketing platform.

I have over 20,000 followers there. It’s very helpful for me to connect with my audience, and I need to spend more time on it because all the social media has told me I need it.
I didn’t care. It had to go.

Someone asked me on LinkedIn why I removed such a great marketing tool.

I told him because my mental health is more important than the fans.

It Changed My Relationship

Things have been great since I deleted that mute app. It’s like I was dizzy or something and I got out of it.

My girlfriend looks as good to me as she always has. I feel different. I feel so overwhelmed.

It was my fault, of course.

I wanted to talk about this because it probably did the same thing to many other people without my knowledge.

And I don’t want to make excuses and blame Instagram. Let me make that clear. But at the same time, you can do much to minimize the effects of exposure to sunlight.

Social media gives us just what we already wanted. It is like a mirror to our desires. If we want to be a successful writer, we will probably follow successful writers.


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