Why Fortnite is better than Roblox?

Fortnite is better than Roblox

Let’s be honest here….

Roblox is a platform made up of many games. Part of the games on the front page are simulators. Roblox is not a family friendly game platform. It is a platform for making money for children. Simulations are easy to make. It takes a little bit of writing skills, 1-2 months, to learn all the tools to build one.

Roblox drinks poison. Most of its users are children aged 5-10 years. And we all know when groups of kids get together, it takes one jackass to start a domino effect. It has spread a toxic influence. Most children do not have enough to fall under the influence of deceptive tactics. There are tons of little narcs that can be online trolls, or demeaning and shocking others with their happiness. Basically a complete hell. You don’t want your kids to be there because the system and atmosphere are very dangerous. The danger is that non-toxic children can be incorporated into children’s laws and programs, leading non-toxic children to protect themselves or fight using the same murder tactics. The narc program – behind the screen always wins because most kids are not smart enough to call a bullshit program.

If you look at the first page… do that with your pearl… The most popular games on roblox are role-playing games and characters.

What are role-playing games? Dead brain click games designed to attract naughty kids who need a little encouragement. Simulators are designed to catch young people at Roblox and make money from them

And the worst okubi Role-playing games. Better types of characters unless you are playing a role. Don’t get me wrong; Indeed some of these types are better than others. Some of these games have additional benefits so it doesn’t sound like sitting on a bench in a park that seems to be eating real ice cream. But much of this adds up to squeezing big profits for players.

 Fortnite is better than Roblox

Many of the games on the front page are specifically designed to make money by targeting young people on the platform. If you have some knowledge of writing, you will see how easy it is to make some of the most popular games on Roblox. Few Roblox engineers devote time and effort to the game’s design. Games like the mystery of murder .. I say games because there are more than one new game on the front of competing pages because some developers have decided that they want to make money on five-year-olds. In addition the most popular games are found in the archetype of previous successful games with the same bright image, simple designs, and equipment.

Now think about this… If you break up games on the first page e.g. I’ve been involved in different games with Roblox, I have no doubt he won’t get even one player on his platform. Apart from this, Adopt Me is the most played game on Roblox. What are you doing in this game? You can play a role as a newborn or have a child by playing a role as an adult. In addition, you can buy houses, cars, food, and other necessities to take care of your newborn baby and get paid checks… And that’s perfect for it. WTF.

I honestly can’t understand why roblox is still being played. By exploiting children perhaps. Most players leave roblox when they are old enough to see a fraudulent scheme and money after 90% of games. Roblox is a pay2win game. At least most games are..


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