Why Football is the Most Popular Sport in America

why football is the most popular sport in america

Baseball may look like American football like an apple pie, but it is a football that Americans forget as much as their favorite sport. A 2010 Harris Interactive poll showed that 35 percent of sports fans chose football as their favorite. Baseball is a second away, with 16 percent setting it up as their favorite sport. The popularity of football has many causes, including the ease of watching it on television, which it brings to many people each week.

League Parity

People love football because teams are more important than equality in baseball, reports Michael Fitzgerald in “Bleacher Report.” No one group “bought” a power system, so all parties have the same opportunity to move up based on ability. This makes the games more balanced and teams easier to focus on. This salary increase extends to income advertising and the sale of sports goods, which means that no NFL team has the full income. This creates healthy competition.


why football is the most popular sport in america

Some people enjoy soccer because it is easy to gamble in sports. They are played regularly, and there is a lot of information about equality available. Pundits make predictions and point spreads are easy to follow. Magazines such as “Gaming Today” provide information so that fans can make informed decisions.

Dream leagues

Fantasy Soccer Leagues gives fans the opportunity to create their own dream teams. This keeps fans interested in the games beyond what their favorite teams play, as fantasy teams are created between teams in the NFL.


Football is fun to watch. It moves fast and requires strong contact with the defensive line and precision skills with the speed of the quarterback and backbone. Football combines what people love with other sports – boxing, accurate passing basketball, baseball mix – in one fast-paced game. This excitement has led to the culture of football clubs, where people watch games and groups of friends.


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