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Problems Faced by Girl Child

Problems faced by girl child

In many parts of India, the birth of a baby girl is unacceptable. From its inception, it has faced discrimination, humiliation, and oppression in all walks of life. When it comes to health care, education and growth opportunities, she is ignored because of her gender. Some are able to survive and encourage new methods to be followed. Most, however, give up hopefully on this sad conclusion to which they have been assigned.

In a world obsessed with gender equality and the basic premise of ancestry, girls often find themselves on the edge of a cane. Discrimination against girls is rampant and for fear of being harassed and abused, they are kept in homes that cannot be sent to school. Child marriage is another major problem because girls are forced to drop out of school at an early age.

The issue of the rights and protection of girls in India is a very serious one. Living in more than a third of the world’s ten million bridesmaids, India has one of the highest rates of girls forced into marriage before the age of 18. How will the world move forward or how will it continue? Not only is it safe at home when they are the victims of a state of mind, but also in places of learning. Non-resource schools that do not have separate girls’ toilets are one of the biggest obstacles for parents who do not intend to send their girls to school. The few who are able to go to school are at risk of bullying and harassment. According to the 2011 Indian Population, 53% of households and 11% of schools did not have access to toilets. This lack of security deprives young girls of the opportunity to educate themselves and improve their lives.

In order to ensure that girls receive a quality education, we need to address the mindset that prepares young children for employment. Girls’ Rights are being angrily pardoned in the country by people, government agencies and many private organizations.

We want to be part of a country where girls are celebrated. There they were treated equally, with love and respect. What is urgently needed in society today is a change of attitude. Girls should be given the same opportunities and protection as boys, and should be treated equally. The virginity of a girl can be maintained and appropriate, preserved, nurtured and protected. Because he has the right to survive, to develop, to be protected and to make decisions that affect his life.

FIGHTING for a baby girl crying in India includes:

Problems faced by girl child

• Education that helps make changes that emphasize the rights of the girl child

• Breaking free from myths and superstitions

• Ensuring the State’s response to the implementation of schemes, policies, laws, constitutional guarantees and international commitments

• Incorporating sensitive gender practices into various systems such as legislation and programs

• Promoting community ownership in preventing crime against girls

• Seeking a healthy budget allocation for girls at government and local levels

• Building women leaders in the community through programs to motivate people to help them understand their rights and ensure that girls and women like them



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