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Abuse of girl child

Abuse of Girl Child

Global violence affects only a girl child. Although the instruments of international law have been around for decades to protect the girl child, thousands...
Safe sex practices

Safe sex practices

Safe sex is sexual contact while protecting yourself and your partner from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancies. Sex that does not involve...
What is sexism

What is sexism?

Gender is linked to the beliefs surrounding the basic nature of women and men and the roles they should play in society. Sexismual orientation,...
Should there be maternity leave

Should there be Maternity Leave

A few weeks before my first maternity leave, a workmate and a friend phoned me and my son, Jay. It was a difficult physical...
Should there be maternity leave for men

Should there be Maternity Leave for Men

Maternity and maternity leave is a secure period in which an employee can take care of his or her newborn or newborn baby. The...
Women in athletics

Women in Athletics

WOMEN at the Olympic Games The number of female athletes in the Olympics is close to 50 percent. Since 2012, women have participated in all...

Women in Science

Sabin, a physiologist, was one of the foremost scientists in the United States. In 1925 she became the first woman elected in the U.S....
Why we should all be feminists

Why we should all be Feminists?

On stories coaching The first time I taught a writing magnificence in graduate school, I become involved. Not approximately the coaching cloth, due to the...
why does fortnite taking so long to update

Why does Fortnite taking so long to Update?

Most online games receive updates from the developer frequently. One of the reasons for this is that these games have to be supported by...
Third wave feminism

Third wave Feminism

The 1/3 wave of feminism emerged withinside the mid-1990s. It turned into led with the aid of using so-called Generation Xers who, born withinside...