Domestic Violence Rights

Domestic violence rights

The definition of domestic violence is well written, broad and holistic. It covers mental and physical abuse, as well as threats to do the same. All forms of harassment, coercion and harm to health, safety, physical integrity or well-being are covered. This includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and economic abuse. In addition, the law also provides relief from domestic violence committed by the male and female relatives of the husband or male partner (which would help in situations where family members harass the wife, etc.).

The case where an injured party is the victim of abuse while living as a couple is also covered by this law. In addition, the definition of “child” also includes foster children, adopted children, and stepchildren. The Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence Act 2005 is a shield against all forms of abuse and discrimination against the patriarchal spirit of India. By law, protection orders can be requested by informing protection officers. In addition, by filing an application, one can search for government functions.

The injured party can also benefit from medical facilities or advice. In addition, separate residence orders or maintenance orders may be guaranteed to the victim.


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