Can K-pop idols meet their Parents?

can kpop idols meet their parents

This is a difficult question to answer. It is not yet known if K-pop images have the opportunity to see their families. There is not always a time to meet with them. It’s one of the saddest parts of being a K-pop idol: you wait and hope to see them, but you fear that opportunity will never arise.

According to shared news online, some K-pop images have never been seen by their families in years. Sure, they could buy tickets and watch a picture play at concerts and fanmeetings, but in reality contact with them would not be possible.

Henry Prince Mak, a former K-pop idol from the JJCC group (created by Jackie Chan), met his mother at the Sydney JJCC concert. She had never seen him in four years.

He managed to get her off the stage and hug her. Many other images do not have the opportunity to do so. They can only see their family’s vision from afar.

Maybe there are idols who spend as much time with their families. However, these images can come from groups with a small fanbase and a very small company.

Basically, the more popular you are and the more you know after a push, the less likely you are to meet or see your family.

can kpop idols meet their parents

Being a K-Pop idol can be a very stressful job, so it makes sense for parents to be somewhat cautious about letting their children be one. Also, many things need to go well for photos to be successful, so it can be a dangerous career choice. This did not stop these images, as they fought the first confrontation with their parents to live their dreams.

Idols schedules have busy schedules. The DBSK program a few years ago was featured on the Internet. Poor boys didn’t even have a day off! Every day, they had to shoot commercial films, go to photo shoots, go to various shows and so on. Some images do not even have enough sleep and rest, leading to fainting (fx Krystal) or hospitalization due to fatigue. Idols do not have enough time to gather with friends or to reunite with their family. Kara’s Hara even mentioned on the TV show that she has not been home to see her parents since she started.

Being an idol means spending a lot of time away from home. Imagine being trained for 4-5 years, idol 5 years… that is 10 years away from home. 10 years later you come home, and you see your parents already turned white, your siblings are all grown up…. you will be sad to know that you are less than 10 years into your life of spending time laughing, crying and growing up with everyone.


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