Can K-pop idols have facial hair?

can kpop idols have facial hair

K-pop images have facial hair, but as Milana Baleaeva points out, K-pop is designed for younger audiences. So the idols try to look younger by not having facial hair, and to me it seems that most Asian men whether they are young or old do not really show their facial hair very often. (Unless they were at home, or posting you online, or going out for a while in public). I would say that kinda its a bit of a beauty thing, for example, in old American TV shows (like the 50s / 60s / 70s for example), many men had chest hair and were proud to show off. Nowadays you don’t really see American men in movies or on television with chest hair.

I would say the same thing about the Asian tradition of men with facial hair, where facial hair was probably a big thing back then but, definitely not now. Idols young or old can show that they have facial hair on social media, but often when it is on television they will shave it.

The only image I remember that started with facial hair was the G.O of the MBLAQ (although this group is already non-existent today).

At the time this was probably surprising, as we rarely get a lot of pictures from television with facial hair on purpose. But she still shaves her face from time to time. (Although still acting as an idol).

can kpop idols have facial hair


Why do male gods seem to have never had facial hair or body hair in that?

As I know Korean people generally don’t have that much body hair but either in videos or in HD pictures too much is nothing, not even a bit of a race. Do they shave / wax / get laser treatment / that often? Looks like it’s crazy about the busy schedules they have. And why face/body hair is considered a bad thing when the idols try to hide even the smallest detail (Jimin puts his hands in front of his face when he is photographed in the races and Talyung’s Vlive where he was not shaved and asked fans to understand come to mind).

In some of their videos, if they have hair on their face, they often wear masks to cover it. Yoongi once did it on her vlive. I think they shave it because of how bad it looks in Korea. International fans are very receptive. I remember when a few months ago, Taehyung posted a photo of himself showing his facial hair and a Korean fan actually went out of his way to edit a photo and put a mask on his face saying this looked better or something like that. So maybe that’s why they used to argue with facial hair but I wish they shouldn’t have been like that.


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