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Can i play high school Football with no experience?

can i play high school football with no experience
Young African American football player.

It depends on the game, but in most cases the coaches accept any athlete to try. A good coach can tell if a person has the ability to run that makes the team and ignore the inexperienced. Whether it’s a cross country or track and field, swimming or endurance sport, ignorance is just as important. Even fighting can take a young person and teach them what they need to know. Contact the coach and ask. Most good coaches will at least let you try.

I have always said that high school sports are a good experience in your life. Yes, you can join high school sports with no knowledge BUT often the athletes you will be competing with will be in the team, and play with them, and learn the will with a high level of skill since then and then play for a while. If you do not have the “cuts” and are able to join the team and be in the team for sure, you can have a fun and rewarding experience. Most sports require a certain level of skill development to take place at an early age before entering your junior or senior year. Football, I tend to believe, you can start playing in your second year or your junior year, if you are a very good player, and you succeed without much exposure. Also, before you sign up for a team, ask coaches or people you trust to evaluate your athletic ability. Remember; you want to have fun and if you don’t start… so be it.

Most schools will admit you and if you are not good they just put you in the worst group to study without getting in the way of varsity. I got into high school and tried to cross the country and fight inexperienced and they welcomed me with open arms and taught me what they knew. I can’t even run and I’m still in the cross country team. One player on a team means a lot of team motivation and a lot of opportunities for good athletes. As long as you do your best you should be accepted in this game.

can i play high school football with no experience

It really depends on whether you are willing to do it. Football is a very challenging game mentally and physically. You will be injured and beaten up. There are many times when you will want to stop. Coaches push players where many want to quit. You have to be prepared as a risk taker for anything that comes your way.

However, there are significant benefits. It really helps you to stay in the position of booking and lifting weights they make. You form a bond with everyone in your group where almost everyone is like family. It is a challenging game that involves grinding and working hard to succeed. In the end, the feeling of success is quite good. You have to play if you are willing to take risks and have a real interest in the game. Most people do it because it makes them look cool or they just want to wear a jersey, but people with a passion for the game go a long way.

Even if you are a kicker, you will still be placed in the same position as other players based on my experience as a high school athlete. Kicker is not a very competitive position on the regular football team so you are not competing with body freaks. When you sharpen your art you have to have a good gun to make. If you enjoy this game and are willing to work hard to make a team and try to do your best that follows.

A few tips: Don’t worry too much about forming a team. In the end, football will not change for the rest of your life. Do your best to prepare for tryouts and really put in the work and when the tryouts come, show the coaches why you should make the team and get started. And if you don’t succeed, there’s always a year to come back and do it.

Good luck to you!



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