Again a big Indian Valorant player caught hacking or cheating

Again a big Indian Valorant player caught hacking or cheating

Nowadays the esports is getting a bg attention because of the growth of the internet SO the new games also launch day by day and each game makes its own values among the players. Companies and some esports clubs are arranging tournaments nowadays which gives a big opportunity to the players as recent the company called Riot games which is a popular brand have launched a game called Valorant but this game was similar to a famous game CSGO (counter strike global offensive)  but this game was with some new features the game comes with its popularity which was in a short time the game become so much famous in a short time that it was played by many big CSGO players all the players were professional in CSGO. players who were having excellent skills in CSGO was having an opportunity in the Valorant because of the similarities of the game.

How many people play Valorant?

There are no fixed numbers but the game gives the stat of around 3 million players have logged on each day to play Valorant during the first two months at the time of beta testing Now so the game was famous it gets started hacked or cheated by some cheaters to do rank push and get rewarded in the game.

There’s an Indian Valorant player name Xhade real name Abhay urkude who is banned for using the cheats in Valorant he was banned for using wallhacks. This is also shameful that the player played a lot of small tournament with his team called Paratroops.

This type of incident was happened in CSGO with forsaken he was also a cheater who used cheats while he was playing an international tournament he was caught using wallhacks and was banned from CSGO permanently because he and his team were playing the biggest tournament internationally forsaken was using hacks only.

Again a big Indian Valorant player caught hacking or cheating

Team Paratroops have officially said that they didn’t know that xhade is cheating because the player was not with them due to the covid pandemic the players were playing games and tournaments from their residence and when Xhade was first asked at the time of tournaments he denied to his team that he is not cheating its just the skills now when the id got banned by the Riot games he confesses that he was cheating.

Xhade officially apologies that he uses wallhacks and but he never used aim assist now the Xhade has also deleted his official youtube channel.

For banning the Xhades riot id the riot officially said that he was using the third-party plugins for that he got banned.

We hope that this would be a lesson for cheaters or hackers that are present in any game it might be CSGO or Valorant.



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