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does kpop idols shave their legs

Does Kpop idols shave their Legs

Idols can connect or soak as the shaving and hair removal cream comes back very quickly but if you want to follow a helpful...
Fortnite is better than Roblox

Why Fortnite is better than Roblox?

Let's be honest hereā€¦. Roblox is a platform made up of many games. Part of the games on the front page are simulators. Roblox is...
Domestic violence rights

Domestic Violence Rights

The definition of domestic violence is well written, broad and holistic. It covers mental and physical abuse, as well as threats to do the...
Male privilege

Male privilege from Growing up to Dying

Growing up, I heard people saying,"being a man, you are certain to receive all the specific privileges that are given for men within society"....
Reclaiming yourself after IPV

Reclaiming Yourself after IPV

Have you ever found yourself talking to a friend who was being treated for Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), and you heard them say, "I...
HEALING FROM a failed marriage

Healing from a Failed Marriage

Divorce is one of the most difficult and painful experiences you have ever had. You are saddened by the loss of your marriage, you...

Women Centric Movies

On March 8, women and girls around the world will be celebrating International Women's Day (and Women's Day gifts) all over the world. IWD...
Women centric books

Women Centric Books

Classical novels go a long way in teaching us the importance of promoting diversity. Furthermore, it is the only machine in the world where...
Problems faced by girl child

Problems Faced by Girl Child

In many parts of India, the birth of a baby girl is unacceptable. From its inception, it has faced discrimination, humiliation, and oppression in...
Abortion to be banned or not?

Abortion to be Banned or not?

At the government level, the Hyde Amendment and the ban on government abortions limit access to abortions nationwide. Attacks on Government standards on access...